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About BMW 128i

As a model in the BMW 1 Series, which is BMW's retro lineup to evoke the same passion the iconic 2002 coupe did and is regarded to be the successor to BMW Compact, BMW 128i was built by a famous German manufacturing company, Bayerische Motren Werke AG, more known under its abbreviation BMW, between 2008 and 2013 as a compact family car. Originally introduced as a model in first-generation 1 Series, 128i was limited to the North American market. Competing against the Nissan Altima, Lexus IS 250C, and Honda Accord, 128i was eventually replaced by the 228i after a 5-year production run.
Though the first-generation BMW 1 Series (E87) was launched in Autumn 2004 globally and made its debut at 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show with sales beginning on 24 November 2007, the BMW 128i did not become available in North American market until the 2008 model year. Built alongside the E90 3 Series and sharing many structural, chassis, powertrain, hardware and electronic elements with it, BMW 128i was offered in two body styles, 2-door coupe (E82) and 2-door convertible (E88). Equipped with standard 17-inch alloy wheels, premium vinyl upholstery and a 10-speaker sound system as well as optional leather upholstery, the iDrive infotainment system with navigation, keyless ignition and entry and premium audio, BMW 128i was powered by a naturally aspirated 3.0 L I6 rated at 230 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque and this engine sent power through a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission to rear wheels.

BMW 128i Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Being offered with BMW's performance at a surprisingly affordable price, BMW 128i has always been very popular. But considering it has ended production now, if you still want to have your 128i for a longer time, please know about these common problems in advance:
First, among all problems on BMW 128i, engine failure ranks first according to reliable car repair statistics site I believe whether you know how the vehicle works or not, you may have realized the significance of engine in it. Since this problem could degrade your vehicle's performance and even shorten its lifespan, you had better learn about how to diagnose and solve it as soon as possible based on professional 128i repairmen. In fact, cooling system failure also appears along with engine failure, therefore, if you notice leaking coolant on the ground, the engine running roughly, misfiring, stalling and even suffering from starting issues; gradually, the vehicle will lose power when acceleration and consume excessive oil. Once the Low Coolant Light and Check Engine Light are illuminated, you are advised to inspect the working condition of 128i valve cover gasket, fuel injector, water pump, oil pan, oil filter, spark plug, intake manifold gasket and air filter immediately.
Second, for BMW 128i drivers, braking failure could also be a terrible issue since it could bring about fatal accidents during driving. A well-functioning braking system is often the guarantee of a safe ride. According to some experienced 128 drivers, after a while of driving, the brakes will become super noisy and poorly responded, the brake pedal will also pulsate when being depressed. If you find leaking brake fluids on the ground, the rear brakes get locked up without reason on wet surfaces and the parking brake could not hold the vehicle properly or both Brake Warning Light and Parking Brake Light come on, please make sure if the 128i brake pad, brake disc, brake caliper, brake drum, brake line, brake proportioning valve and parking brake cable are working properly or not.
For completely pleasant ride on your BMW 128i, you are advised to perform routine maintenance on vulnerable auto parts on it. Parts including 128i seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, antenna, fog light, headlight and cabin air filter should be on your routine maintenance list since they play important roles in helping to create a safe and comfortable driving environment though they are exposed to harsh working conditions consistently.
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