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About BMW 325i

As a model in the hot-selling BMW 3 Series, BMW 325i was built by a famous German manufacturing company, Bayerische Motren Werke AG, more known under its abbreviation BMW, between 1987and 2006 as an entry-level luxury car. Originally introduced as the model of the second-generation 3 Series (E30), 325i is also the successor to the 323i. Competing against the Honda Accord Hybrid, Acura TL, and Infiniti G35, 325i won many awards and recognition such as being on Car and Driver Magazine's annual Ten Best List and so on. But after being manufactured for three generations, 325i was replaced for the 2007 model year.
The second-generation BMW 325i was produced from August 1990 through August 2000 during the third-generation BMW 3 Series (E36). It was offered in four body styles, 2-door coupe, 2-door convertible, 4-door saloon and 5-door wagon and came in base 325i, 325is, 325ic, 325is Mtechnic. During this generation, BMW 325i was powered by a 3.0 L I6 rated at 189 hp and 181 lb-ft of torque and this engine sent power through 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmissions to rear wheels or four wheels. More recent 325i debuted in September 2001 for the 2002 model year as a facelifted model when the 3 Series is in its fourth generation (E46). Back then, 325i got power from a 3.0 L inline 6-cylinder engine cranking out 184 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque.

BMW 325i Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though BMW 325i is a very good vehicle that boasts superior build quality, the fact is the youngest 325i now is at least eleven years old, it is not a young age for an item made out of steel, and you had better be prepared for these common problems on it:
First, Check Engine Light coming on and engine overheating are two most common symptoms of engine problem on BMW 325i according to car repair statistics site In order to prevent this issue from resulting more and more serious consequences, you might as well learn about these typical symptoms of engine issue based on experienced 325i drivers' experience. Generally speaking, before the Check Engine Light comes on, the engine will send out some noises sounds to attract your attention, and the overheating engine only makes the engine wear process quicker so that the engine will misfire, stall and even suffer from starting issues. Finally, the vehicle also loses power while acceleration and has poor gas mileage. All these symptoms should be solved properly by replacing the 325i spark plug, water pump, intake manifold gasket, engine mount, oil filter and air filter.
Second, for BMW 325i drivers, steering system failure is another a trouble though most of them have no idea about what the steering system is and how it works. In fact, just because of lack of knowledge about working principles of automobiles, they have not enough time to solve this problem in time. The steering system is responsible for guiding the right direction for drivers, and you should keep these symptoms of steering failure provided by professional 325i repairmen in mind. First of all, if you could find leaking steering fluids on the ground; if you feel the difficulty in steering; if you see low fluids level; if you see lit Traction Control Light and have loose roughly-operated steering wheel, then you should inspect the 325i power steering hose, power steering reservoir, power steering pump, steering wheel, steering angle sensor, steering column cover and upper steering column bearing.
However, in order to make sure every satisfying ride, you had better keep every auto part on your BMW 325i in good working condition always. But some parts such as 325i seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, fog light, headlight, antenna and cabin air filter should be maintained routinely since they are vital in creating safe and comfortable driving environment but they are exposed to harsh working conditions.
Choosing OEM BMW 325i auto parts is an effective way to make sure your BMW 325i gives its performance a full play while in use. You are welcome to the vast selection of lowest-priced manufacturer-warranted genuine BMW 325i at prime online parts store All these OEM 325i parts are guaranteed to be in high quality, reliable and durable and they could be returned without hassle if you have any dissatisfaction about them after receiving them at the fastest delivery speed. So, please order now with confidence!