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About BMW 330i

As a model in the prominent and famous BMW 3 Series lineup, BMW 330i has been built by a famous German manufacturing company, Bayerische Motren Werke AG, more known under its abbreviation BMW, since 2001 as an entry-level luxury car. Originally introduced as a model of the fourth-generation BMW 3 Series, 330i is also seen as the replacement for 328i. Competing against the Lincoln MKZ, Infiniti Q50 and Audi A4, 330i won many awards and recognition such as World Car of the Year, being on Car and Driver Magazine's Ten Best List and so on. Now, 330i is in its second generation.
The first-generation BMW 330i (E46) was produced from 2001 to 2006 and was offered in five body styles, 2-door coupe, 2-door convertible, 4-door sedan, 5-door station wagon and 3-door hatchback. During this generation, BMW 330i was powered by a 3.0 L inline 6-cylinder engine rated at 225 horsepower and 222 lb-ft of torque and this engine sent power through 5-speed manual and automatic transmissions to rear wheels or four wheels. The current 330i (F30) debuted in late 2011 for the 2012 model as the successor to the E90 3 Series. It is available as a 4-door sedan (F30/F31), coupe and convertible and comes in two trim levels: base 330i and xDrive330i. Now, 330i gets power from 2.4 L turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine rated at 248 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque.

BMW 330i Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Boasting athletic driving dynamics, high fuel efficiency and a long list of appearance packages and trims, BMW 330i is a good choice for buyers who wanting a full-size luxury car. But as a wise 330i owner, you will know the importance of learning how to diagnose and solve these common problems on it in advance:
First, burning oil smell and leaking oil are the most common symptoms on BMW 330i according to the car repair statistics site In fact, if you are a driver with some knowledge about how the vehicle runs, then you will realize it is an engine issue. Since the engine is the soul and power source of the vehicle, solving any issue on it is of vital importance. According to some experienced 330i drivers, apart from burning oil odor in the compartment, the engine will also make some noises such as whining, squealing or rattling to attract your attention. Gradually, the engine will run roughly, misfire, stall and even suffer from starting issues. Finally, you will notice a decrease in power while acceleration and poor gas mileage, even the Check Engine Light will be activated. and all these symptoms could be attributed to the 330i spark plug, exhaust manifold gasket, valve cover gasket, throttle body gasket, engine mount, air filter, oil filter and fuel pump.
Second, for many BMW 330i drivers, when they are told that the steering system failure also happens to their vehicles, they are often at a loss since most of them have no idea about working principle of automobiles. In order to help them effectively, some professional 330i owners conclude some recognizable and simple symptoms of steering failure for your reference. Generally speaking, this issue will have these symptoms such as leaking power steering fluids, low steering fluids level, clunking or grinding noises while turning, loose shaky steering wheel and roughly-responded steering system. All these could be attributed to the 330i power steering hose, power steering reservoir, steering wheel, steering column cover, upper steering column bearing and tie rod end.
To make sure consistent safe and comfortable driving experience on your BMW 330i, you are advised to practice routine maintenance on some vulnerable auto parts as some of them could not last as long as the vehicle could. For example, you should put the 330i seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, fog light, headlight, antenna, and cabin air filter as they play important role in creating safe and comfortable driving environment but they are exposed to harsh working conditions always.
Another effective way to extend your BMW 330i's lifespan is to choose OEM BMW 330i auto parts as the parts replacements. even carries a wide range of lowest-priced manufacturer-warranted genuine BMW 330i auto parts online. All these OEM 330i parts are guaranteed to be in high quality, reliable and durable and they could be returned without hassle if you have any dissatisfaction about them after receiving them at the fastest delivery speed. Please order with confidence and bring your 330i back to the prime condition in the shortest time!