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About BMW M3

As an icon in the automotive world and one of the most successful performance cars on the road and track, BMW M3 has been built by a famous German manufacturing company, Bayerische Motren Werke AG, more known under its abbreviation BMW whose motorsport subsidiary BMW M GmbH since 1985 as a compact luxury sports sedan. Originally introduced as a model from the BMW's motorsport division, M3 was a part of the 3 Series. Competing against the Cadillac ATS-V, Lexus GS F and Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63, M3 has won many awards and recognition. Now, M3 is in its fifth generation.
The fourth-generation BMW M3 (E90) was produced from 2007 to July 2013 and made its debut at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show. It was offered in three body styles, 4-door saloon, 2-door coupe and 2-door convertible but came in only one trim level. During this generation, BMW M3 was powered by a 4.0 L V8, good for 414 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque and this engine sent power through a 6-speed manual transmission and a 7-speed automated-clutch manual gearbox with paddle shifters to rear wheels. The current M3 (F80) was introduced for the 2015 model year as only a sedan because the coupe and convertible have been renamed the M4. Now, M3 gets power from the 3.0 L I6 twin-turbocharged rated at 425 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque and this engine is mounted to either a 6-speed manual transmission or an optional 7-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission. It also got a Competing package since the 2016 model year.

BMW M3 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Having been a favorite of enthusiasts looking for sports-car performance and handling from a true four-place car, BMW M3 is definitely a good choice for you. But if you want to keep the M3 in best shape all the time, then you need to be prepared for these common problems in advance:
First, the blown engine is the last issue that BMW M3 drivers want to meet during driving. But since every driver knows the significance of keeping engine intact all the time, we only offer some recognizable and simple symptoms for you to diagnose and solve it as early as possible. Some professional M3 repairmen told that the issue often starts with strange sounds such as rattling, squealing or rattling; after a while, the engine will run roughly, misfire, stall and even suffer from starting issues like hard starting or inability to start. Finally, the vehicle even has a giant decrease in power when acceleration and fuel efficiency. The Check Engine Light will also get trigged, you had better make sure the M3 spark plug, oxygen sensor, oil filter, air filter, fuel pump, drive belt and throttle body gasket are working properly all the time.
Second, rubbing noises from underneath the vehicle when turning is another complaint from BMW M3 drivers. This is actually a steering issue, which is also common according to some professional M3 repairmen. Generally speaking, the noises from the rear differential is only the beginning, if you ignore them, you will also see leaking steering fluids on the ground, steering tilt not locking; gradually, you will find hard to control the vehicle because of the loose shaky steering wheel and roughly-responded steering system. We all know that steering system is responsible for guiding the drivers to the direction they want to, once the steering system fails, you will get yourself in unexpected dangers. Therefore, you must inspect the M3 power steering hose, steering column cover, steering wheel, power steering reservoir, upper steering column bearing and steering shaft.
Taking your BMW M3's overall excellent quality into consideration, you should know depending on solving mentioned common problems above is not enough to make sure a safe and comfortable ride. The wise move is to add M3 seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, fog light, headlight, antenna and cabin air filter on your routine maintenance.
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